Ozone depletion might cause cancer – Kaumi Ahmadu

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Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Kaumi Ahmadu has posited that ozone depletion is capable of causing cancer and other harmful on human existence. He made this assertion during the year’s International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer.
Speaking to newsmen at the event in Abuja, the AIG explains the ozone depletion and its consequences. “We are aware that the ozone protects the earth from the bad effects the ultra violet lights, but with our activities in the world nowadays, we liberating ozone substances”, he said.
These ozone depleting substances according to him are liberated from hydrocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons and they are called HFCs and CFCs. “In particular are fluorine and chlorine. Chlorine or rather the hydrocarbons in combination with sun light causes ozone depletion”, he stressed.
He noted that these days more depleting substances are being released to the atmosphere and that is why the ozone layer is being depleted.
AIG Ahmadu says the depletion of the ozone layer brings about sun burns, skin cancer, eye cataracts, and reproductive challenges. “You are aware also that with the depletion of ozone layer, ultra violet light cause devastating effect on marine live”, he said.
He further explained that because of the effect of the depletion, stakeholders met in Montreal and came up with the Montreal Protocol which is how to create ways of averting the liberation of substances the cause ozone depletion.
On the way forward he says the IG promised to work with the Minister of Environment. His words; “The Inspector general of police has told the honorable Minister of Environment that he is going to collaborate with him in the enforcement and movers of the economy particularly oil sector, the oil and gas, the manufacturing industries especially the drugs companies, air condition companies and spray. These are companies that produce most of the hydro carbons that go to the atmosphere and inter-react with the ozone with its attendant consequences”.
He says that since the menstrual protocol, the ozone is being recovered and the layer has now increased. “So the ultra-violet light is no longer coming in as in seventies, so there is a progress. It is expected that around twenty- sixty- seventy-five, the ozone layer will be completely be recovered”, he concluded.


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