CIFIAN will curb criminality in Nigeria – Ayishetu

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The pro term president of the Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Auditors of Nigeria (CIFIAN), Dr. (Mrs.) Enape Victoria Ayishetu, has said that the presence of the association members in government organization will curb crime. Speaking to newsmen her office, she said that forensic investigation is a new concept in fight against crime and criminality.
According to the president, forensic investigation was established in the seventies and became applicable in Nigeria in the eighties.
She posted that when the bill to establish Institution is signed in law in Nigeria, it will reduce crime and stop criminality to the barest minimum. The bill has been passed by the senate but yet to be passed by the house of representative.
She revealed that members of the institute in government establishments have been impacting on them in the areas of crime prevention. She said that mere knowledge that members of the institute are in an organization makes those who are intending to commit crime glittery.
The institute as be training her members in readiness for the full assent to the bill; but according to her, one of the problems facing the passage of the bill is that another organization is calling on the senate to revert the decision because the institute is trying to duplicate what one of its branches is doing.
On the expected impact of the activities of the organization when fully established, she said the country will stop losing money to financial criminals.
She revealed that her members are capable of detecting and preventing any type of financial crime.

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