Diamond Heart cares for the less privileged

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The co-founder of Diamond Heart of Care and Hope Foundation, Mrs. Rachael Ugwu has expressed the readiness of her organization to impact on the lives of Nigerians. The organization has been in place for about four years.It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The foundation which is out to help less privileged people in the society, has visited many orphanage homes in three states of Imo, Kaduna and Abuja.In Abuja alone it has visited three homes.

According to Mrs. Ugwu the foundation has scheduled to visit some other schools and to let them know the importance of the foundation.The foundation she said will be partnering with these schools to impart in them the values of the foundation.

On how the foundation has coping with legal matters, Ms. Ugwu says the foundation has a lawyer that has volunteered to work with them and they are not being pay for the services.

Funding of the foundation according to the co-founder has been by the founders. Future Trade Global (FTG), she revealed has been supporting the foundation financially.

The foundation has gone into alliance with Nigerians Prisons and has been given approval to bail people in prisons.

Mrs. Ugwu said the foundation is not out to make money from the foundation as some people are alleged to be diverting NGO funds outside their mandates. She said she has been spending her money and will never use or divert any money meant for the foundation for her personal use.“Anybody who diverts money meant for their NGO is not real human being” Mrs. Ugwu submitted.

The foundation is against forced marriage and Mrs. Ugwu promised that her foundation for fight for any girl who is forced to early marriage any time they complain to them.

She frowns at some parents who refused to train girl child because they don’t want another person to ripe what they did not sow as their reason for giving out their daughters to early marriage; And also at other parents who

give out their daughter to their friends in order to maintain the family friendship.

The co-founder of Diamond Heart of Care and Hope Foundation, Mr. Princewill Duru said he joined Mrs. Ugwu in order to help her realize he ambition. He admitted that she has the passion to help the less privileged and to make a lot of people and to live again.

He posted that a lot of people are down in the country and need to be supported.He admitted that Mrs. Ugwu needs support to keep the foundation moving on.

He says that Mrs. Ugwu has been going about it with her money and that for it to go to places government support is needed.

He added that the foundation is also into girl-child education advocacy though giving adequate information.



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