Kigbu promises security in Nasarawa

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Dauda  Shuabu Kigbu is APC aspirant to the office of the governor of Nasarawa State. He says that when elected in office he will lay foundation for peace and concentrate on peace building and unity.  He believes that without peace no meaningful development will take place in the state. “We must give security to the people”, he promised.

He says that his integrity is what stands him out among other aspirants. His words; “My integrity makes me more popular than other aspirants”.

Things that give him the integrity are the fact that he has served the country in various capacities. He served in the public and private sector. He was discharged his former position very creditable with integrity.

He disclosed that the high point of his administration will be security and peace. “Security, peace, I keep saying it. My concern is peace”, we emphasized.

He gave example of communities that have been deserted due to insecurity. He said such areas are after Obi’s LGA and beyond.

He maintained that whatever one puts there, be it hospitals or good

roads, it cannot be appreciated if there is no peace.

He said he will achieve these objectives through mechanisms he has

mapped out such as running an inclusive government; a government

that cares for the ordinary man and brings people together to be part

of the government.


He promised that everybody will have a stake in his government and to

involve traditional institution in governance to be involved in the

security architecture of the state.

According to him security will follow from the ward head, to the village head, to the district head and on to the paramount ruler. Through this it will be easy to investigate any strange

movement in the community.

He promised bring back that what he called intelligent gathering

mechanism in the state.



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