St. Paul’s: a new Deliverance ground in Umunya

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All serious religious leaders are aware that spiritual problem is one thing that prevents many people from attaining their destiny. The activities of evil forces are hidden from the naked eyes of man and some spiritual leaders.

Powers to frustrate people in life are used by human beings, idols, water spirit etc. to torment humanity. Many people have fallen victim of their nefarious activities.

St. Paul’s Auglican Church Odumodu Umunya is the home of the newest solution to any spiritual problem. This began since the arrival of the current Parish Priest Rev. Sylvester Lumenkristi Eboh. Rev. Eboh was born a catholic and grew up in catholic faith. His vision in life was to serve God; hence he went to seminary to be ordained as Catholic Priest. Because he is the only son his people prevailed on him not to become a reverend father which he bought into. But the zeal to serve God never died in him. He then went to the Anglican Church and train to become a priest.

Since he became an Anglican priest he has been performing deliverance on people afflicted with spiritual problems. This he has been doing when he was at Nsugbe before his transfer to St. Pauls’ Anglican Church, Odumodu Ununya.

On arrival he met poor facilities on ground. He had to raise money through prudence management and finished the parish church he met at about 60% completion. There was no personage in the church when he came and he started the building of a modern personage and still live in something that is far below his status as a parish priest.

This is because of his humility which he preaches. Using the word wonder is an understatement to compare what happening is at Umunya. People who have lost hope in life are having their hopes restored by the wonderful things God is using Rev. Eboh to do at God of Action Adoration – The Arena of Deliverance.

On arrival at St. Paul’s Church, Rev. Eboh worked hard and upgraded the church to a Parish. St. Paul’s Church is in Odumodu Village, Umunya. Coming from Onitsha and going to Enugu, one has to stop at Odumodu Junction and enter Odumodu road that leads to Nteje by the left. It is less than a kilometer from the junction. Coming from Awka to Onitsha, one has to stop at the next major junction after Awkuzu junction. That is Odunmodu junction.

For one to get delivered of any problem he has to have an encounter with the Priest Rev. Eboh. The Priest can be reached on deliverance and counseling days. Main counseling days are Tuesday and Sundays after deliverance ministrations. Friday nights are only for deliverance ministration and wonders happen on these programs.  To meet with the priest one has to obtain a card of N500 from either Joel Ughanze or Eyiuche Nweke, on or before any programme in the week. This is monitored by the parish Catechist Mr. Igwe Ejike Igwe.

Once one is opportuned to meet the wonder working priest, that is the beginning of the end of the person’s problems provided the person will do the prayers that will be given to him by the priest.

Deliverance from affliction can occur at any time after meeting with the priest. It may occur before the prayer given the person has finished.

St. Paul’s Church has almost turned every christian in the town to Anglican since the arrival of Rev. Eboh. People from as far as Onitsha, Awka, Nkpor, Enugu Asaba etc now attend programmes of the church on a regular basis.

The wise Rev. Eboh runs the activities of the church with select credible people in the area. Mr. Dozie Udemezue is Parish Secretary and Parochial Church Committee (PCC) Secretary and the only person that has been honored with an award by the church. Mr. Sunday Esedo fondly called Attah is the Chairman of the security committee. People in the administration of the church are from everywhere not only from Odumodu.



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