Doumcom and Leistritz are big players in Nigeria oil and gas

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Doumcom and Leistrizt are two major players in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Doumicom international Limited is a Pre-Engineering, Furniture, Fabrication Company operating in Nigeria. The company has built and is building projects throughout the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It works for both the public and private sectors, particularly the oil sector. It has achieved a reputation for timely delivery and innovative management. Doumicom was established in the year 2000.

On the other hand Leistritz a globally operating company. The core business units of Leistritz are Turbine, Pump, Extrusion and Production Technology. One common feature of all their products is rotation.

Peter Doumit is the Director of Doumicom International Limited. In a chat with some news men at the 2018 Nigeria oil and gas International Exhibition in Abuja, says that Nigeria should stop importation of oil and gas products that are being produced in Nigeria, or increase the duties on such products. He says that is one of the major challenges facing local manufacturers in the industry.

Doumicon, according to Peter Doumit has its service plant in Port Harcourt. He reveals that the company has a lot of Nigerians in their pay roll. And that all their activities are undertaken by Nigerian engineers.

He posited that the company has contributed immensely in economic development of Nigeria in three major areas thus; 1. By creating more employment;  2. By boosting the economy and, 3. By creating more activities.

He identified insecurity as one the challenges to the activities of companies operating in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria.

Lotfi Chouba who is based in Germany and a German is the Leistritz Director of Sales, Africa. He says that his company manufactures variety of screw pumps mostly for oil and gas. He noted that for anybody to grow his business in Nigeria, the person must have best quality products which Germany is known for.

He told newsmen that his company is also into training, services and manufacturing. Some of their major clients are Total, Chevron and SHELL.

He added that for the economy to grow in Nigeria, the oil and gas industry should be functioning without disturbances.



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