Jas explains disparity in driving license price

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The Director of Road Traffic Services Headquarters Mabuchi Abuja, Engr. Emmanuel Jas and the head of operator’s license has explained why driving license cost differently in the states of the federation. He says that states are autonomous and have their styles of administration. So the state determines how they want it and how they want to execute it.

He says that the Vehicle Inspection Office’s (VIO) right from inception is to make sure that there is seamless movement on the road, hence the need for road worthiness certification for vehicles.

The essence of road worthiness is to make sure that vehicles on the road are in perfect condition at all times. He says commercial vehicles go for road worthiness check every six month while private vehicles do their one yearly.

On the problems facing the agency, Engr. Jas says the greatest problem they encounter is lack of proper education on the part of road users. This does not mean that some of them are not educated but out of he calls improper education or high handedness. His word; “It is not that they are not educated. So some are because of, may be high handedness, stubbornness and drunkenness. So whenever we are on the road we encounter a lot of them”.

He reveals that some drivers don’t have driving license and when they sight his men on duty will become hostile to them to the point of trying to kill them. “Some will not even have driving license, they will not have vehicle particulars, and they will be on the road. If they see any law enforcement officer, they are ready to crush them”, he added.

He then pleads with road users to always put their vehicles in good shape before entering the road.

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