All appointment must reflect federal character – Dr. Abba

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The acting chairman of Federal Character Commission, Dr. Shettima Bukar Abba has reiterated the need for every appointment into any Ministry, Extra ministerial Department or agency must reflect federal character.

He made the statement during a one day sensitization workshop on implementation of federal character principles and guidelines in financial institutions. He says the essence of the workshop is to adequately inform stakeholders of the issues related to federal character. “The approach to it is that stakeholders are being adequately informed on the issues related to the federal character; that is starting from the need to improve the economy” he said.

The commission has well laid out function to perform. Some of them are:

(i)            that all fresh recruitments into the Public Service nationwide comply with the Commission Guidelines and  Formulae on Equitable Distribution of Posts;

(ii)          that the best and most competent candidates from each federating units nationwide are employed to fill vacant positions meant for indigenes of such units. For this purpose, the Commission shall ensure that employers of labour in the Public Service introduce and adhere to an open competitive selection process aimed at recruiting the best candidates available;

(iii)         that henceforth, distribution of public service investments in socio-economic amenities and infrastructural facilities shall be done in a fair and equitable manner such that each federating unit nationwide is adequately catered for, provided that the proposed guidelines on this aspect are promptly approved by the appropriate authorities.

(iv)        the receipt, analysis and publication of up-to-date manpower statistics of all Federal Government ministries, agencies and parastatals by December 31, 2005.

(v)         regular periodic update of the manpower statistics of Federal Government ministries, agencies and parastatals and be made easily accessible on the website.

(vi)        that it provides, within five working days of the receipt of a written request by any member of the public, any information on manpower statistics relating to any Federal Government ministry, agency or parastatal which are not available on the website provided such information are not classified.

(vii)       that it reduces by at least 20%, the margin of existing imbalances in the level of representation of the federating units in government ministries, agencies and parastatals by July, 2007, provided the embargo on recruitment into the public service is lifted.

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