All political party should embrace internal democracy – Haske

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An emerging political heavy weight from the Northeast, Borno State in particular, Kadla M. Satumari, aka, Haske, has posited that every political party in Nigeria needs to embrace internal democracy. He pointed out that it was lack of internal democracy that led to the failure of Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in the 2015 general election where the then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan was defeated by All Progressive Congress (APC), candidate, Mohammadu Buhari. He made this revelation in Abuja during an interview with some newsmen.

Apart from lack of internal democracy, he said that the former Governor of Abia State, Orji Kalu in an interview with a television station said that some foreign forces worked against the PDP at the 2015 general election.

He says that internal democracy will help to filter out the best politicians in every party and let the best represent the people at every election. As for the PDP, he says they have learnt their lesion and are highly prepared to give Nigerians a credible opposition.

The PDP, after the 2015 election had to set up a committee to probe into what caused the party’s failure at the poles and one of the causes was lack of internal democracy. Since then the party has taken it as a challenge to enshrine it in its activities. People like Haske are at the fore front of internal democracy which he demonstrated with his team during the just concluded Borno PDP party election.

At the election, the group ensured that the people elected their choice candidates to avoid what used to happen in the past after the party elections, which is always characterized by imposition of unpopular candidates.

Haske says that PDP is now providing a level playing ground for members at all levels as the party is repositioning towards 2019 elections. And that the list of delegates to the forthcoming national convention of the party will soon be out in order for interested stakeholders to follow and monitor the exercise.

On the journey so far; he says all thanks should go to the members of National Working Committee (NEC) of the party, supporters of the party and everybody who looks forward to a good opposition which the PDP is offering.

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