The The Bahá’í Faith celebrates Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh

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The Bahá’í Faith in Nigeria has joined other faithfuls of the religion to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the birthday of the founder of the region, Bahá’u’lláh. The event is celebrated across the globe simultaneously by all adherents of the religion.

In Abuja, members of the religion gathered at Kiser Banes Institute Zauda, where the (Bahá’í Centre) is in FCT.

One of the members of the The Bahá’í Faith, Fmr. CP Lawrence Alobi gave an insight about the religion. He says the primary objective of the religion is to promote world unity and world peace.

He says there is nothing like Priest or Imam in the religion, rather each member is advised to read more in order to be able to investigate the truth in the religion. This can be achieved through their programmes; Children Classes, Youth Programmes and Adult Study Circles.

Another member of the religion, Ugochukwu Nweke says that teachings of The Bahá’í Faith include, independent investigation of truth, Harmony of science and religion and the equality of man and woman. The religion according to him recognizes all past religions. He believes that all religions have spiritual similarities but because of the different time at which they came, there seem to be difference in their messages. Among the past religions that The Bahá’í Faith recognizes are; Christianity, Islam, Budaism, Hinduism etc.

A Lebanese, Manouchehr Foroozan who has lived in the Philippine for over 18years was in Nigeria for the anniversary and basically to help in propagating the religion. He says the religion was founded over 170ryears a go in Iran. As a religion of peace, he says members of the religion are not allowed to join politics or engage in campaigns.

He numerated involvement of human beings in the activities of the religion as follows:  “When The Bahá’í Faith children are 15years they can choose the religion to join. When they are 29years they will be fully recognized to vote and be voted for in their local spiritual activities”.

He lamented that many of The Bahá’í Faith members in Iran are being persecuted. Their properties are being confiscated and many of them are in jail.


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