Speed is responsible for over 50% crashes – Ajayi Sunday

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The sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Anambra State, Ajayi Sunday has noted that speed is responsible for more than 50% crashes on Nigeria roads. This according to him is more noticeable during “Ember Months” when there are higher commuter movements across the nation (before, during and after the end of year festivities).

The FRSC, he says, in conjunction with all relevant stake holders took time to look through this and came up with suggestion to the Federal Government on the need to facilitate reduction in speed which will facilitate positive turn-around in solving crashes on Nigerian roads. That was what gave birth to the introduction of speed limiter to be installed in such vehicles as get fleet operated, commercial and articulated vehicles, tippers, school buses etc.

The enforcement commenced early this year and the FRSC have been emphatic in ensuring that it is used by those designated to have it in their vehicles. He gave reason why the enforcement is targeted at certain road users thus, “The reason why we are focusing on these is not farfetched. We know that commercial vehicles are on the road every day. They mass move people from one place to another. And when there is crash more people are involved.”

He argued that the exercise will reduce the number of people involved in road crashes, and also reduce the number of injured or killed.

The exercise is a nationwide task and will be intensive during the ember months. But because of the forthcoming election in Anambra State, the FSRC in the state is making sure that all the roads in the state are safe.

As the violation of this law is more noticeable among vehicles belonging to fleet operators, he frowns at stakeholders who are yet to comply. “Any fleet operator that does not install speed limiter in his/her vehicle is not ready for business. And as such the public especially the passengers should see them as their enemies. Because what we are saying is that they should carry their passengers with all responsibility, from one place to another safely because money has been paid so service must be rendered and rendered under safe condition”, he said.

“So anybody we find on the road without speed limiter, we arrest and impound their vehicle until they are able to install that device”, he added.

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