Nigeria should hasten restructuring – Sam Eke

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The former Presidential Candidate in 2015, two time former Governorship candidate in Abia State, pioneer Secretary, Internal Party Adversary Council, (IPAC), also the immediate past Secretary General of the same council and the National Chairman of Green Party of Nigeria, Chief Sam Eke PhD has joined in the call for restructuring of the nation but with some reservations.

He wants Nigerians to first restructure their ways of thinking and manner of approaching to national issues. He believes in physical restructuring which he defines as being original in all aspect of life.

His position, “We need to be more patriotic in this country. We need to really practice federalism at its best”. He quoted one of his former lecturers who said “if you want to copy, copy very well”.

He noted that Nigeria copied Federal System of Government from America but didn’t copy very well,, hence the over spending on the legislature which is not the case in the United States of America.

He believes that instead of bastardizing federalism we should better invent another kind of government. “If we don’t want to practice Federalism we should design our own type government system instead of bastardizing federalism”, enthused Chief Eke.

Chief says he is a Biafran of the mind and wants the best for the entity called Biafra in the present day Nigeria. He argues that even if Nigeria will divide in many parts, there must still be agitations. “I am a Biafran man of the mind. It means I want the best social amenities, infrastructure, and presence of government both Federal and State to be felt in the South East like any other part of the country. I do not believe that even if we divide this country in to ten different parts that we will not agitate” that is Chief Eke.

He continues, “And I want you to understand that we have close to 300 ethnic groups in Country. It is just that the Igbos, Yoruba’s and Hausa are looking to be the major ethnic societies. That does not mean that others do not exist. So if everyone starts clamoring for this country to be shared. We cannot be the super power in the world or even the African power we are talking about”.

He believes that restructuring is more imminent that people think.  His word, “The more you are delaying it the more danger it imposes for this country. If there is any way we can fast track it is the best. If the recommendation of the National conference of 2014 can be implemented; this country will go a long way to be a better country if it is implemented.


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