Restructuring should be inclusive – Satumari

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A chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party and a successful entrepreneur, Kadla M. Satumari has said that the current call for restructuring should be handled with caution. He reasons that the leaders should make sure that every citizen of this country has a sense of belonging and feel part and parcel of the country called Nigeria.

There has been clamoring for restructuring from different parts of the nation, heating up the polity. And each group is pointing out one injustice or the other to be addressed in their favour which might not necessarily favour people from some other parts. These have become talking points and concern for well-meaning Nigerians. Kadla M. Satumari believes that the best way to restructure the country is to accommodate the interest of every region thus “If you are talking of restructuring in terms of making sure that everybody feels sense of belonging that his contribution or his aspiration and those of his people are well represented in the governance process of this country. We are all calling for this type of restructuring”.

He is of the opinion that religion and ethnicity will not be brought to the fore when discussing restructuring. He attributed the use of religion and ethnicity on the political class who have failed to develop political philosophy that will appeal to the people. “It is because there is no strong political ideological believe that drive people to come together irrespective of where you come from. Then it gave room for now religious and ethnic coloration to politics”, he submitted.

He further advised that in the context of politics, we should not forget to recognize that we come from different ethnic background and religion. His word, “So in the context of playing politics we should recognize that we come from different ethnic backgrounds, different religious background and those religious and ethnic backgrounds; all of them have high moral values and moral standards”. And that Nigerians should start to tolerate each other and live peacefully.

Furthermore, he commended the All Progressive Congress (APC) for obeying the voice of the people by reaching out to groups to discuss the way forward. He did not fail to remark that the People Democratic Party (PDP) had in 2014 set the template for restructuring. According to him the PDP was to convene a successful conference with far reaching recommendation. He expects the APC government to look at good aspects of what was decided at the conference and marry it with whatever findings they will come up with after the findings.

As a stalwart of PDP, he believes that the party will bounce back to power in 2019, and says that those who left PDP are now warming up to go back to the party.

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