Why Chibok girl attempted suicide

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Truth has emerged about how one of the Chibok girls undergoing rehabilitation at the facilities of the Social Secretariat, Abuja wanted to kill herself. It is no longer news that some Chibok School girls numbering over 200 were abducted by Boko Haram a few years ago. The news is that some of the girls who were released after negotiation with the sect were kept at Abuja for rehabilitation before releasing them to their parents, and one of them attempted to take her life on the day of their send forth party.

The truth was that in the hostel where they were kept they were well taken care of. On one occasion when the girls noticed that the drinks they were served was more than they could take. So one of them took some and gave to the security men that have been guarding them.

When Mrs. Bulus came and saw the security men drinking taking the drinks, she became annoyed and inquired about who gave it to them. When she was told who gave the guards the drinks, she started shouting and cursing the girls. She called them ingrates, and asked if they were in their parents’ house could they have given the drinks to the security men.

The comment by Mrs. Bulus infuriated one of the girls and she felt slighted and angry. She then attempted to take her life instead being humiliated by people who are supposed to take care of them.

The action of the girl according to Engr. N. Battah, the secretary of Chibok people in Abuja, must be blamed on Mrs. Bulus who did not behave as a caregiver. He posited that a lot of things might have made the girl to attempt suicide. He reasoned that the girl might be feeling that her freedom was still being curtailed after leaving the Boko Haram enclave.

He believed that rehabilitation would be best done when the girls are with their parents and not a situation whereby the girls were kept incommunicado not allowing the public to see them. He said that during the period the girls were at hostel that their parents were meant to see them every month, but this was not so. Their parents were only invited whenever there are milestone events about the girls.

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