Friends of Buhari frown at resignation campaign

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Friends of President Mohammadu Buhari  led by Saint Athanasius Okon has condemned the campaign by some Nigerians for the President to resign for he has been out of the country for over 90 days on medical ground.

The anti-Buhari protester was led by Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy and he has been in the news for leading protest tagged OurMumuDonDo.

Saint Athanasius Okon who spoke on behalf of friends of Buhari said that it is unfortunate that some people have seen sickness as an avenue to cause confusion in the polity forgetting that anybody can fall sick. “Sickness is what no man can control from afflicting him, and anybody can fall sick at any time, Saint Okon said.”

He also said that Mr. President handed over properly before proceeding on medical trip in the UK. “He has handed over power to the vice president as required by the constitution and the vice president is carrying out the affairs of this country, he said.”

He added that the president has not breached any law of the country as the opponents are likening this to what happened during the time of late President Yar’Adua.

He therefore advised Nigerians not stop hate speeches and begin to live in peace among themselves.

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