Payroll fraud: CSO’s demand Shettima’s immediate resignation

L-R; Dr Manasseh Allen,Baba Ahmed, Mohammed Umar Bolori, Grema Terab,Zanna Galadima

Following a statement credited to the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, which was read to newsmen by media aide Mallam Isa Gusau, a group of civil society organizations (CSO’s) are demanding the immediate resignation of the state governor. Their demand stem from the fact that the governor was just discovering that the state had been losing five hundred million naira monthly to payroll fraud which had been in existence ever before he assumed office six years ago.

The full text of the press release by the CSO’s is reproduced bellow;



In one of his usual “charming” addresses, widely circulated by some media houses including THE GUARDIAN of the 23 of July 2017, Governor Shettima through his media aid Isa Gusau admitted that through the just concluded verification exercise, he just realised that the state he has been governing for  past 6 years have been losing over 500 million Naira monthly to salary fraud. i.e #500 Million naira for 12 months, which is 6 Billion naira and for 6 years stands at #36 Billion naira. And no mention of prosecution or any form of recovery what so ever was made.

In a saner clime, this statement would have followed with resignation, regret, admission of gross incompetence and mal-administration for allowing a state ravaged by war, wanton poverty, infrastructural deficit and all other misnomers to have lost/stolen a whopping amount of 36 Billion naira under a self-acclaimed prudent Banker. This is by far the biggest FRAUD ever meted on the good and peace loving people of Borno State by any Government since independence.

This money alone, if properly utilized would have taken good care of our idps, rebuild towns and villages destroyed by insurgents, solved our perennial flooding problem, start the long awaited State University, upgrade our medical institutions, pay students scholarship, settle the backlog of state civil servants benefit that have not been paid for the past 6 years and many more. We have the largest number of out of school children second to Seria, our children are dying of disease and malnutrition at the IDP camps. Funny enough the governor is busy begging for support elsewhere while lump sum of money is been siphoned under his watch and he deliberately refused to act. This singular act of Shettima left many onlookers confused and suspicious.

In order to safeguard our future and the future of the generations to come from the hands of these KLEPTOCRATS, we demand for the following:-

  1. The full and Immediate recovery of our stolen 36 Billion naira #BRING_BACK_OUR_36BILL
  2. To immediately resign as the chief executive officer of the state for the gross display of  incompetence and not capable of managing the state’s resources prudently.
  3. Call on the State Assembly to immediately commence the impeachment proceedings on the Governor, for we can no longer trust him with our common wealth.
  4. Call on the EFCC, ICPC, CCB, DSS and all other relevant anti-corruption and security agencies to commence investigation and prosecution of all those involved in this monumental fraud.

Grema Terab, Mohammed Umar Bolori, Dr Manasseh Allen…….
For Coalition of Borno Civil Society.
-Sahel Initiative for Good Leadership
-Borno Tafi Jamiyya
-Borno Arise
-Borno Anti Corruption Network
-Yerwa Network for Peace
-Concerned Borno Civil Servants and Pensioners
-Concerned Borno Teachers Group
-Borno IDPs Coalition
-Movement for Better Borno
– Network for Sustainable Development Northeast
– Centre for Transformative Dialogue


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