Chief Okolie, the Dogged Entrepreneur

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One of the qualities of any leader is vision. This quality keeps hope alive even in the presence of distractions that may be occasioned by such temporary setback like low patronage of ones products or services.

Chief Augustine Okolie is one of the visionary leaders of the millennium.  His rise from a very humble background to the very high echelon in the society shows his steadfastness, focus, resilience and diligence towards his goals in life.

Chief Okolie was born some forty two years ago in Uli in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. He went to primary and secondary school in his native Uli town.

Out of humility, and entrepreneurial spirit, he went to learn how to become auto mechanic after secondary education.

On getting his freedom after successful apprenticeship, he left the East for Abuja to open a workshop at a very tender age. What stood him out was that he specializes in Mercedes lorry and other vehicles.

Because of his honesty and hard work, he started getting contracts with big organizations. He had a breakthrough after securing a big contract in early 1990s and put the proceeds into good use.

His first incursion into business was when he bought few mini buses for urban transportation. Later he expanded his scope to interstate, mostly to Onitsha and Lagos from his base in Abuja.

As a visionary leader that he is, he bought some 300 plots of land in Aso area of Nassarawa state where he set up Ebuka Farms. Ebuka Farms engages over eighty workers in farm production and processing of agricultural products.

Side by side these businesses; he was having contracts with the two major hotels in Abuja: Transcorp Hilton Hotel and Sheraton Hotel and Towers. He was the maintenance engineer and staff bus operator for Sheraton Hotel between 1996 and 2015. He performed the same service for Transcorp Hilton from 1998 to 2014.

As a complete business man, he decided to invest in the hospitality industry. That gave birth to JUVACY hotel in 2013. He put his ingenuity to work and in less than three years he opened the JUVACY  LUXURY Hotel both in Mararaba of Nassarawa State, a border town to Abuja.

First, JUVACY HOTEL over 50 rooms and JUVACY LUXURY has over 40 rooms.

No business can survive if the operator is not abreast modernity. This made Chief Okolie to go back to school for a degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution. He is a graduate of National Open University of Nigeria. (NOUN). He has BSc in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Chief Augustine Okolie is happily married with seven children. One of his hobbies is football.

Chief Okolie has a large heart, and has shown his philanthropic nature by donating to the needy in the society. He is fondly called IGADA or Father-Father by close associates.


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