Nigerians asked to imbibe Ramadan lessons

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By Kennedy Dimaku, Abuja:



Executive Secretary, National Mosque, Abuja, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakar Jega has called on the Muslim fateful in particular and Nigerians in general to always exhibit lessons learnt from the Ramadan even as he condemned the hate speeches that have been threatening the unity of the country.

He also called on Nigerians to pray for quick recovery of President Mohammadu Buhari who has been away on a medical treatment to enable him come back and continue with the good governance he is instituting in Nigeria.

In an interview with our correspondent Jega said, “Our speeches should be something good. Either you say something good or you keep quite. It is better to keep your lips sealed than to utter something that is injurious to the peaceful coexistence of the society. So wherever part of the country you are from, we have only one country and that is Nigeria. We have no other place to go to except Nigeria.”

He continued, “You know God Almighty who created us did not consult any of us to know whether you should be in the south, or you should be in the west or east, or even in the north. God created us and placed us where He wished. God created others and placed them in their land; He created the Chinese and placed them in their land. He created Ibo, Hausa Yoruba, Igala, Fulani Kanuri, Urhobo, and the rest and place us in this country called Nigeria. It is the wish of God, and we should not challenge the wish of God. We should remain peaceful and indivisible nation and also learn to use the opportunity in preaching peace.

On the quit notice given to the south east by Arewa youths, he pointed out that any form of threat that would mar the unity of the country from any quarter should be condemned.

He stressed, “Whether the threat is from Arewa youths to the Igbos or from the Igbos to the Arewa youths, or to other people. Any threat anywhere should be condemned.” He said noting that every Nigerian has the constitutional right to live and stay wherever he wants to stay.

Jega cautioned Nigerians to guard their speeches. Advising, “What is importance here is for us to weigh our utterances. We should speak on those things that unite us together, and not things that will tear us apart. We should see ourselves as one human being. Whether from Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or any tribe in Nigeria, we should see ourselves as Nigerians and treat ourselves as one.

He enjoined Nigerians to pray for President Mohammadu Buhari for God to grant him quick recovery for him to come back and continue with excellent work he is doing, adding that if people pray for Buhari, it means that they are praying for Nigeria because Buhari has tirelessly been working for the unity and progress of the country. “if  you are praying for Buhari, you are praying for the unity, progress and development of the Nigeria.

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