Monrole Global (MG) set to revolutionize Agriculture in Nigeria

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Monrole Global (MG) is an advocacy agricultural group out to revolutionize agriculture in Nigeria through its programs.

The group is out to reach the young, old, the rich and the poor, regardless of their race, age, ethnicity and religion through its programs.

MG has two components; Agricultural Advocacy and MLM. The agricultural component provides trainings on agriculture, provides cheap, quality inputs at affordable prices. The MLM arm of MG which has 2×2 matrix rewards registered members when they introduce new members to the system.

MG started in Lagos a few years ago and has got branches in Maiduguri, Bauchi, Abuja, Benin etc.

During the groups Abuja maiden seminar; the founder, Amb. Jude gave a full lecture on castor bean. He explained what castor mean in local languages. He mentioned three major types thus; the Indian, Israeli, Brazilian species.

He says that castor has over 1200 uses. He also says that a drum of castor oil costs as much as one thousand US dollars.

Speaking to our man at the event, the founder, Amb. Jude says MG will make the youths fully integrated into the program soonest. He promised to take more youths and unemployed to the farm in the next few years. He says MG is targeting 1000 real farmers in one year.



  1. im Mr Ifidi .W.I. Benjamin. a private agricultural investor from bayelsa state. i truly adore ur passion for Agriculture and the quest to make our world more food sufficiency. ill love to know more abt MG. and to create an affiliation and make business placements. thank you sir.

  2. Pls I will like to start Castro farming. How can I get the already nursed Castro seedlings in Ekiti state. Pls, the one rich in oil will be very OK. Thanks

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