With IVF, there is no menopause… Dr. Ajayi

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By Chukwuma Nzeh: 

The Managing Director, Nordica fertility Center, lead researchers on innovative ways to achieve a healthy and reproductive populace, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, has said that with the intervention of Invitro Fertility,  IVF,  there is no fear of advancing towards menopause for child birth.

He made this known recently in the Abuja office of the fertility center, during a training for journalists on reporting reproductive health.


He said with IVF, there is nothing like menopause, so far there is a uterus, but he emphasized that as a matter of principle the Centre does not conduct the IVF, procedures for women older than 55 years.


. Ajayi, posited that, normally the sperm and the egg must meet at the ovary, before fertilization takes place, adding that 30 percent of causes of infertility in men is low sperm count, while in women it is blocked tubes.


He also noted that, the age of the woman is a key factor, in the success of Assisted Reproductive Technology, ART, as it affects the quality of eggs they produce, the quality diminishes as she ages.


Dr. Ajayi, admonished young ladies without a partner, or those not ready to have children to save their eggs, by getting it frozen till when they are ready.


He, said the need for training and retraining in area of medicine, can never be overemphasized as update on research for better results abound, especially for journalists who inform the public of what they do.


He frowned at reports in the media which misrepresents, the real position the Invitro Fertilization, IVF, process, hence the need to train journalists to expose them to the terminologies to use in their reports to capture the essence of procedures.


The training had journalists drawn from several media organizations, including print and broadcast, led by the Young Journalists Forum, Nigeria, who had last year honored Dr.  Ajayi for completing young families.


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