Imo Ezeship: IG approves investigation of forgery, against Uzoukwu

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By Chuks NZEH.


The Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim, has approved the investigation of forgery, false pretense and possession of fake Certificate of Recognition of Cyril Uzoukwu as Eze of, Mbubu community, in Imo state.


The IGP in a letter dated 2nd December, 2016, directed the Deputy Commissioner, IGP, monitoring unit of the Nigeria Police Force, to Investigate the matter and report back to him.



The petition against Uzoukwu was written by a law firm, Ephraim C. Okafor & Co. It reads in part ” The suspect in false pretense to deceive government forged a wrong and non existing name of autonomous community, Mbutu Amiri, Oru West, and supplied the government same, and the same non existing name of Autonomous community, was used  to issue him with certificate of recognition which he currently uses to parade himself as Eze the community in Imo, State.


The suspect act of supplying government with false information and used same to obtain a pseudo certificate of recognition which he has used /currently using in Parading himself as Eze Mbubu, Amiri, Oru West since 5 years amounts to forgery and obtaining by false pretense which is within the jurisdiction of the police to investigate and prosecute, hence this complaint. ” The petition read.

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