The new Abuja/Kaduna Train Service

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Abuja/Kaduna Train Service is making progress and attracting amazing patronage from Nigerians.  In a chat with our senior correspondent Anayo Oyeoka, the Operations Manager, Mr. Victor Adamu talked about the recently commissioned IDU RAILWAY STATION and other issues. Excerpts;

Since the month of August when the Abuja Railway Station was commissioned, what is the level of patronage from Nigerians?

We are achieving a high level of patronage from Nigerians who have seen the need to use the rail transportation.

How is economic recession affecting your operations?

The whole concept of recession spheres all human endeavors in the country and as you can see we have only few passengers around, but we know that very soon things will pick up.

What are security measures put in place to counter any possible terrorist attack or untoward behaviors both on ground and on transit?

As you can see right now, we have all commands with the Commissioner of Police overseeing the Command in Idu Railway Station for the security of passengers and the rest.  And on board, we have policemen fully armed while also intelligence personnel are in mufti. We equally have private security on hand to provide security; so we have put enough security measures in place.

What are the possible challenges hindering smooth operations in Abuja Railway Station?

Yes… the Abuja Railway Station, as you can see is located far away outside Abuja city center and as a result, travelers wishing to travel via rail transport see it as a challenge but very soon it will come to an end because soon when the Metro-line will come on board, they will have to come by road to be able to bring passengers to the Station, so it is a matter of time all these challenges would be over.

What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

We have a future plan for this Abuja/Kaduna Train Service because you know our core mandate is to see that the Civil Servants who live in Kaduna would be able to come to work in Abuja and then go back to Kaduna daily. That is what we are pursuing, and God helping us, we are going to achieve that mandate.

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