Idu Railway Station: “I’m happy to see Train Service operating from Abuja” – Engr. Glendinning

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By Anayo Oyeoka:

An expatriate and a British national, Engr. Glen Glendinning, must be a happy man indeed. In a chat with Glen at the Idu Railway Station, he confessed that it was his first time to travel via Train from Abuja; “when I heard of Train Service operating from Abuja, I was so happy and I said what amazing feat that the government of Nigeria have achieved in this country… and I said to myself, someday I must travel via Train because I love to travel by rail transport, it’s amazing”.

Even though Glen was disappointed for having his two pets rejected from boarding the Train in what the Check-In security officials simply called a ”normal rule” not to allow pets on board the Train. In show of being disappointed, Glen declared; “I washed my two goats and make sure they are healthy, I provided an alternative in case they would want to defecate. I love pets and they will miss me; in part of the world I came from, we spend a lot of money on pets; in more advanced world they don’t stop people from travelling on board Train with pets… my expectation is that Nigeria should be liberal as does other countries of the world; however I have made alternative arrangement for my pets to travel by road to meet me at Kaduna; I will really miss the pets.”

Engr. Glen Glendinning however extolled the edifice with its modern outfit at Idu Railway Station, calling it a world class. He tried to recall history; saying, “when the  British came here in Nigeria during the colonial years, they were able to do a lot works; they built roads, railways and ports; they did lots of developments in Nigeria of which today some chose to give different interpretations to… I love Nigeria and I want this country to develop like other advanced nations of the world; as you can see India, Malaysia and Singapore are all waxing strong”. Engr. Glendinning however called for greater ties, cooperation and of good relationship between Nigeria and Britain. Glen, who said he came to Nigeria four years ago, will be travelling to Kaduna and Enugu states in what would take him a sojourn of more than one month before coming back to Abuja.


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