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It is reasonable to believe that God has a special purpose for creating Nigeria.  What could be God’s purpose for creating Nigeria? In other words, what can be called Nigeria’s Manifest Destiny? The fact that Nigeria is the greatest concentration of black persons on the face of the earth is clearly suggestive. Add to this, the events of world history (slavery), involving the Blacks. It seems clear that God intended Nigeria to be the big brother and rallying point for all Blacks. And God’s bounteous resource endowments on Nigeria must be to enable her achieve that Manifest Destiny, by developing into a Super Power among nations, thereby raising the dignity and respect of Blacks on earth. To wipe away the shame of slavery from the faces all of Blacks, has to be the ultimate Manifest Destiny of Nigeria. And God endowed Nigeria with every ingredient she needs to achieve it, especially, human resources – many talents from many tribes. It is clear that the Almighty God designed Nigeria for unmatched greatness!!!


What has been the result?  So far, it has been colossal failure, unmitigated!   The main cause of the total failure of Nigeria is monumental corruption which has saturated every element of the social structure.  Far from raising the respect and dignity of Blacks, Nigeria has become the generator and accumulator of shame to all Blacks.  Politics in Nigeria appears to be exclusively for self-interest, not, at all, for service to the people or society.


Yes, we Nigerians have failed in our Manifest Destiny, and have no basis for continued existence, except as a totally changed country!!!.  We must become the opposite of what we are now. The corruption which brought us to this colossal failure must be exterminated, totally, from our land.  There must now be zero tolerance of corruption in Nigeria, and zero tolerance must be zero tolerance – no half measures. We have achieved BA – begin again! Success in Re-making Nigeria is achievable. Because the Almighty God, who gave us this mission and gave us the wherewithal to achieve it, does not change.  Man can try and appear to succeed, for a time. But man cannot permanently mess up God’s design (but we may wrong in what we think is God’s design). Now is the time, to deal finally with all who try to mess up God’s design for Nigeria as a nation of unsurpassed greatness. It must be Operation RE-MAKE NIGERIA, Operation Total Clean Up.  Away with all corrupt institutions! Away with all existing political organisations and parties; Away with all agents of corruption.  Away with untruths, deceit and lies; No more sacred cows!   No more untouchables! To keep Nigeria clean to achieve her Manifest Destiny is a task we must commit to. Members of the, yet to be formed, new political parties (preferable two to begin with) –  both the new members who were not in politics before, and the truly reformed old politicians, must swear  to the new political principle/oath of service to the people/society, not to self, as the reason for participation in politics. Every adult Nigerian must swear to the oath not to sabotage Nigeria (and corruption shall be defined clearly as act of sabotage). Working with the will of God, man can clean up man’s mess.  In the new Nigeria, women must play a major, if not the dominant, role, so that their superior qualities can raise both the quality of governance and the welfare of the governed. The superior qualities include the following: 1) The milk of human kindness flows more in women than in men. ii)          Women are, usually, more concerned with the welfare of their children (offspring) than men. iii) As I stated in my book, ”Remaking Nigeria with Progressivism,” in 1987: a). ”Women bear the brunt of bad governance,” and ”should have greater vested interest in good governance.” b). As a rule, and on the average, women are less corrupt than men in public and private offices.” c) Women obey the rules and keep to the principles more than men. d) ”Even where materialism rules both men and women, men plunder the public treasury more devastatingly than women, because women have, generally lower material expectations”.


The path to New Nigeria must be very tough and rugged: it includes remaking the polity, inoculating the voters and the candidates against money politics, remaking the private sector and social groups, remaking the church and the mosque, the school and education system, the clubs and associations, remaking the judiciary, the police, the army, the town unions and traditional organisation and offices, trade unions, the market associations, the age group system, the old boys associations, old girls etc.


Sure, to Remake Nigeria must be a daunting task. But there is no way to run away from it. It is time to confront what confronts us – what is making us fail. For knowledge, experience, competence and intellect, we shall draw from the bounties in every part of Nigeria. For funds, we may approach able Nigerians, including the repentant erstwhile looters of the country. To Remake Nigeria, we must!! God helping us, as we work on His purpose for our country, Nigeria!!!



Okwadike, Nze, Chukwuemeka Ezeife PhD (Harvard), CON

Garkuwan Fika, Akintolugboye of Egbaland


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