Ezeife advocates increase in participation of women in politics

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The former governor of Anambra State, Okwadike, Nze Chukwuemeka Ezeife PhD (Harvard), CON has advocated for increase in women participation in politics.

To support this advocacy, he said that women are less corrupt than men, and that they obey the rule of law more than men.

He noted that Nigeria has failed woefully and that women will be involved in remaking of Nigeria.

These assertions were part of pre-event press conference he had with the media towards the “National Women Conference” which will take place on 24/11/2016in Abuja, Nigeria.

The event which is being organized by “Ezeife Leadership Foundation (ELF)” will discuss how to increase women participation in politics (especially in electoral offices). It will also appeal to women to seek the face of God for peace, unity and progress of Nigeria.

Okwadike pointed out that one area of government failure is in diplomacy. And for this, he said women involvement is highly needed in the country’s leadership because, according to him, “The milk of human kindness flow more in women than in men”.

At the conference was Chukwudi Ozalla, Managing Director Zalchukz Multi Concerns Ltd. He called on women to take advantage of both their numerical and intellectual strength to advance enduring excellent leadership style. He also enjoined women to think more on how best to support and rally round each other during electioneering campaign rather than engaging in singing sweet melodies for men.

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