Buhari Should Refocus-Engr. Obiora Nnagbo

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By Anayo Oyeoka:

Engr. Obiora Nnagbo, a building Engineer in Abuja, has said that Nigerians are suffering in this administration. Obiora, who is from the Igbo stock gave his general impressions of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in an interview he granted to our correspondent recently.

He complained that Buhari whom he used to admire when he was the military head of State is showing inaction and manifesting general maladministration. He worries that Buhari did well in his military regime compared to his current democratic administration.

According to him, Tunde Idiagbon was the backbone behind Buhari’s success as a military head of State.

In his words, “During the military era when Buhari was head of state, I used to admire him and he used to command enormous respect from Nigerians. During his military regime with Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, his government was pro-active, focused and action oriented. But now I can vividly tell you that I have come to realize that Tunde Idiagbon was the backbone behind Buhari’s good governance then. Nigerians used to identify with Buhari’s government but now the difference is clear. Mr. President’s slow-pace, inaction and general maladministration is now crystal clear for all to see”.

Apart from the above parallel between Buhari’s military regime and his current democratic government, he also noted that Nigerians are suffering to a breaking point that Buhari should have learnt from Idiagbon ostensibly to make life better for Nigerians.

“May you just take a walk to the street, go to many homes and see how people are suffering. There is hunger everywhere, people are dying, prices of everything- especially the essential goods for the common man have skyrocketed, no job, no money! As for me I love Buhari, he is my President but he is supposed to have learnt from Idiagbon”,  Obiora added.

He implied that making life better for Nigerians is what will earn Mr. President a second term. “He should know that his first term will end and he will still solicit for vote for the second term”.

Engr. Obiora admonishes Buhari to be wary of retrogressive pieces of advice coming from some of his advisers as some of them are not telling him the true situation of things. He also admonishes him to eschew tribalism and religious discrimination.

And he ends thus: “And I want to end by telling Mr. President that it will amount to building castle in the air to think he can do without the Igbos!”

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