Anambra House: So far, so good

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At the dawn of forth republic, every state needed a befitting liaison office in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Gov. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, the pioneer governor of the state in the new democracy meant well for the state and embarked on many laudable projects until he started having problems with his god father.

The effect of the dirty fight between Gov. Mbadinuju and his god father affected many projects in the state especially the construction of the Anambra House in Abuja. The toll on the house project led to the abandonment of work at the site because a cabal was tasking him of huge amount of money which he refused to pay and they forced the stoppage of work on the Anambra House.

The liaison office is strategically located where there is a cluster of state liaison offices in the Central Business District of Abuja. The plot is directly facing the back of the magnificent Christian Centre, just separated by an express road. It is facing the Kano House on its main entrance and separated from the Comrade Pascal Bafyau Labour House by a link road to the Labour House at the back.

The projected started by Mbadinuju experienced fast progress until the squabble. During Dr. Chris Ngige’s tenure as the governor of the state, there was little or no progress on the project. This was due to the claim that was still being made over the project by some elements. It will be recalled that it was Ngige that has the credit of starting modern development in the state when he embarked on massive construction and reconstruction of urban and rural roads in the state.

When Peter Obi took over as the governor, he cleared whatever that was delaying the project and did some redesigning on the architecture of the building. He went far with the project but could not complete it, even though he was in office for eight years.

Governor Willie Obiano just became the number one in the state for less than two years and it seems the over sixteen year old project will become a success under him. So far the beautiful edifice is attracting inquiries from passersby who are in need of spaces within the area.

What remains of the giant project is finishing and Anambrarians are pleading with Governor Willie Obiano to do anything within his reach to complete the project, so that it will begin to generate revenue for the state stop the money being paid on rented offices for liaison staff.

The progress at the site must be attributed to the first citizen of the state in Abuja, Chief (Mrs.) Edith N. Mike-Ejezie, who has been implementing the promises of the governor for diaspora development. Chief Mike-Ejezie has been paying special attention in supervision of the project by making sure that every kobo spent by the state counts.


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