Hon Oboro advocates for more affirmative positions for women

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The Honorable Member representing Opke/Sapele/Uvwie Federal Constituencies of Delta State under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon (Barr) Evelyn Omavowan Oboro has supported the call for more affirmative positions for women in elective and appointive positions. She argued that the population of women is far greater than that of men during election and should be considered as part of governance in proportionate number to men.

Hon Oboro, whose legislative interests border on constituency projects, human capital development and making of people oriented laws, made the call at a public event in Abuja.  She pointed out that one of the problems that are militating against women participation in politics is finance. She said women do not have the kind of money most men have when it comes to campaign funding, hence the call for affirmative position for the women folk by the government.


The honorable member whose NGO has special interest in women targets to take as many youths and women as possible, off the street by assisting them to earn a living through skill acquisition and empowerment. She has been reaching out to her fellow women who are in positions of authority to help inculcate in women the need to aspire to the top like the men.


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