Comrade Mike appraises the APC in Abuja

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A political cruiser-weight, Comrade Mike Iroaka has appraised the achievement of All Progressive Party, (APC) in Abuja. Since the party took over from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who were in office for quite some time.

The party executive member in FCT said that APC has started implementation of its campaign promises to the people. He gave example of how the chairman of AMAC Hon Abdullahi Candido Adamu has embarked on repair of urban roads. He made a specific mention of the old Karmu and Karu site.

On the recession the economy is experiencing which coincide with the taking over of governance by APC; he said the party is working hard to overcome it and deliver the dividends of democracy to the people as promised by the party during electioneering campaign.

He also said the insinuation in some quarters that APC does not have enough membership base is not true. He said the membership drive of the party is continuous as the party does not discriminate. “APC is a party for the progressives and is open to progressive minded people”, Comrade Mike opined.

He told Nigerians, especially Abuja residents to be patient with APC and enjoy the goodies as contained in the APC manifesto.

APC took over from PDP just a few months ago in Abuja and has started implementing some of their campaign promises as pointed out by Comrade Mike Iroaka. He added that APC has taken over as former notable PDP members are now in APC.


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