BFON blames Buhari for retaining PDP members in office

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The National Coordinator/International President of Buhari Friends Organization Network (BFON), Saint Athanasius Okon has said that his group are with happy President Muhammadu Buhari for still allowing People Democratic Party (PDP) members in his government. He described them as ungrateful elements who instead of thanking President Buhari and All Progressive Congress(APC), they are busy carrying propaganda about. “I am speaking on behalf of my colleagues. We are not happy with President Buhari for allowing PDP members who have not appreciated him for having them in office. Why are they not thanking him for keeping PDP in office at the expense of APC.

“Majority of the people holding executive positions in government offices are PDP”, he revealed.

Saint Okon made the above comment at the venue of a press release by BFON in Abuja over the allegations by Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State. He observed in the press release that Fayose was making fun of governance by having Okada Ride and going to sit with roasted plantain sellers; embracing market women and men; going to vendors’ shop to participate with free readers association and circulate rumors.

According to Saint Okon, the essence of the press release was to address the outburst of Ayo Fayose (who they referred to as controversial), which was orchestrated by the recent lawful investigations carried out by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which led to the freezing of bank accounts traced to him.

The release stated that the bone of contention were two key areas of allegations which are; 1, Acquisition of housing estate is Abuja by President Buhari and 2, The allegation of bribery involvement of the president’s wife in the case of former American Congress man, William Jefferson, which a verdict was given in 2009.

BFON in their submission are asking Ayo Fayose to show them the location of the Abuja estate so that they will go with other Nigerian s to occupy it. They also said that Aisha Buhari in the Jefferson case is a different person altogether.

At the conclusion of the release, the group made the following resolutions; 1, We challenge Mr. Fayose to come up with facts to further buttress his allegations against President Buhari and his wife, on any perceived wrong doings that Mr. President has violated his oath of office etc.; 2, That Mr. Fayose should, without delay convince Nigerians, including his teeming supporters, that the picture widely circulated is that of the wife of Mr. President, Hajia Aisha Buahri…; 3, That the verdict delivered in 2009, in America in regard to the former congress man, William Jefferson had in any way indicted the wife of the President, Hajia Aisha Buhari…

An Entrepreneur at the occasion Comrade Chukwudi Ozalla said the ongoing probe of corrupt politicians is not one sided or witch hunting. He argued that cleansing of the system must start somewhere even if it is targeted at one party. Be believes that it will soon get to anybody that is involved in corruption.




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