Kwali Area Council set for grassroots development

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By Kennedy Dimaku:
Kwali Area Council Chairman, Hon Joseph Shazih has said that the All
Progressive Congress (APC) administration is set to bring grassroots
development in Kwali saying that his agenda would not be different
from that of the Buhari led government which is committed to
grassroots development.
In an interview with our correspondent, He stated that there was high
expectation from the people of Kwali Area Council considering the
neglect of infrastructure in the area within the past few years,
noting that he is committed to improving the plight of the people and
assuring them that he would embark on projects that would better their
Shazih pointed out that Kwali Area Council is noted for having its
chairmen running for one term in office. He served his first term but
was unseated by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in 2013.
“My agenda would not be different from the government in power at the
center which is committed to grassroots development because I am a
product of that government.” He stated.
He commended the Federal Capital territory Authority (FCTA) for
organizing a retreat for Area council officials. He said, “If we have
this type of retreat regularly, people would know their limits. They
will know that they are not above the law. And political office
holders will know that they cannot do anything they like and get away
with it. And we will also know that the law would catch up with
anybody that goes contrary.
It would be recalled that Federal Capital Territory Authority recently
inaugurated the six area council elected officers of Federal Capital
Territory (FCT) to pilot the affairs for the next three years.


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