Nzem Berom Cultural Festival holds in Abuja

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The Berom (also spelt as Birom) people are indigenous ethnic group of the Jos Plateau, Nigeria. Within Plateau State, they are concentrated mostly in the following local government of, Jos South, Jos North, Barkin Ladi (Gwol), and Riyom. They speak the Berom Language.

The Berom people have a rich cultural heritage. They celebrate the Nzem Berom festival annually in March or April is their domain in Plateau State. The festival, which heralds the rains and a bumper harvest, is a very powerful message to the world that peace is back to the Plateau, which remains a foremost home of Culture and Tourism.

Nzem Berom, a festival of Berom nation was last celebrated about ten years ago due to security conflicts on the Plateau which today is a thing of the past, as it resumed last year.

After the normal timing and celebration of Nzem Berom is Jos, The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation, (BECO),Abuja branch organized the Abuja version of the event, under the leadership of Engr. Markus Choji Dye, The President, Berom Community Association, Abuja

Speaking to newsmen at the occasion, the president noted that culture brings people together. He said that people from other tribes that graced the occasion testified that the Berom people have a rich culture. He pointed out that some of the unwholesome cultures like going out naked have been withdrawn from the exhibition to show dynamism in civilization.

“Peace has returned to Plateau, hence the need to promote unity through Nzem Berom Cultural Exhibition”, Engr. Markus remarked. He added that there is relative peace among Berom and their nieghbours in Plateau and in Abuja.

The chairman organizing committee of the event, Istifanus John Nash said the event is an avenue to showcase the rich cultural values of the Berom people. He said the festival comprises of exhibition of pixtures of Berom rulers among who is the Gbong Gwon Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba. He said the reason the event was brought to Abuja is for those who have not traveled home for some time to have a feel of the rich culture of their people.

The Vice President of BECO, Iliya Choji Kim said the event is a way of telling the world that the Berom people are peaceful and sociable.

Also at the occasion is the Dara Berom Jabi. He said the exhibition will show people from other tribes the values in Berom culture and will make them to resuscitate theirs.

The presence of Miss Nzem Berom (National), Dung Christiana Moses added glamour to the event. She told our correspondent that the motive behind the pageant was to sustain the beautiful culture of the Berom people. She said her priority is to organize seminars where young people will be taught skills that will make them self-reliant.

Also at the event was the Miss Nzem Berom Abuja, Abigail Gyang who graced the occasion in traditional Berom attire. She said her focus as Miss Nzem Berom, Abuja is to appeal to youths, especially girls to get themselves engaged in something that will earn them income without depending on people for their sustenance.


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