Education, The Key To Human Survival

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By: Chidiebere Nwankwo:

As the standard of education in Nigeria keeps dwindling, there are some who still believes that without education, one cannot succeed in whatever one does because it is the basic source of opportunity for everyone.

Speaking exclusively to our correspondent at a forum The Managing Director, J.H. Engineering Limited, Sir. J.B.N. Nwadogbu, stated that the importance of education to human beings cannot be overemphasized, adding that anyone who does not go to school cannot achieve much in life.

“It is advisable that everyone goes to school despite the current standard of education in Nigeria. Even if one is a millionaire but did not go to school, there are so many things that are lacking in that person. Parents should endeavour to give their children and wards that basic education they need.

“Education is considered as a human right that should be accorded to all human beings, which was the basic reasons a lot of international human right bodies consider education a fundamental human right”, he emphasized.

Nwadogbu, stated that there are numerous problems to be solved in Nigeria, especially that of corruption which has to be eliminated for peaceful flow of the present administration, while calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to help alleviate poverty in the country so that those that wish to get enrolled in school can find the financial means to do that, because, without money nothing can be effectively achieved.

He stated that the issue of fuel scarcity that we are currently facing in the country is mainly faced by the poor, likewise food and light. “We can’t wait till they build the whole refineries before something will be done. The president should look into the problems of the poor in his country and give solutions to them in order to ensure corruption is completely eliminated in the country”, he stressed.

Sir Nwadogbu, also advised that the youths should take life easy no matter how hard things seem to be, because life is not as much as one works or pushes, but with persistence, one will get to where God destines him to be.

In his word, Chief Executive Officer, Tejunit Services Limited, Mr. Idorenyin Ndia, said, “Education is always the key. How do you compare a man who has not gone to school and a man who has gone to school? There is no meeting point between them. You go to school, go through a lot of experiences, meet people and probably experience has come to play unlike someone who didn’t go to school. Going to school is the most important thing, it is a priority”.

Idorenyin, stated that the issue of fuel scarcity in Nigeria is actually a continuous problem, and the government is trying to see what they can do to solve it.

According to him, “I believe we need to give President Buhari a chance, because for him to be looking for this leadership means he has a plan. Let’s give him a chanced and encourage him to see if he can carry on, there is a lot of irregularities he has to contend with”.

He, however, advised that Nigerian youths should not be carried away by sentiments and things that are fictitious in the society, because they are not real, rather they should be very serious with their lives.



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