Divorce Should Be Discouraged – Sunday John

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By: Chidiebere Nwankwo

It has been observed that the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is very high, especially in Nigeria. Healthy marriages as we all can discover are good for couples’ mental and physical health, as well as their children’s who will enjoy growing up in a happy home devoid of any mental, physical, educational and social problems, because the parents are at peace with each other. The family, however, is regarded as the basic unit and principal institution where the children socialized and it is what they learn from their family that they exhibit to the wider society.

Speaking to our correspondent, the Administrative Officer at Clara and Ndive & Co, Mr. Sunday John, advised that for the rate of divorce to be abated, before one should embark on marriage, one needs to get some important details about the person he/she wants to marry without being in haste, adding that marriage is not a contract one accepts and puts off after sometime. It needs to be respected, because it is sacred, hence, marriage is not a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

He, also stated that for divorce be avoided, both parties should try to deny themselves some comfort  by devoting themselves to each other, sharing their personal beliefs, love, and so many things in common, above all, they should build their marriage on the right foundation by consulting God always.

Also, he noted that why most people file for divorce is because, most parties find their partners unfaithful, impossible, impatient, unbearable, unattractive, etc. which he said can be avoided if one truly takes time in making the right decision to know if he/she can truly manage whatever that comes out of the marriage, knowing that all are imperfect.

According to him, “Both parties should know the right soothing voice to use in addressing their partners, because this has really set many marriages apart. Before one embarks on the journey of marriage, one should think critically, because it is for better and for worse”.

Speaking on parental upbringing, he intimated that any foundation that is not well laid has the tendency of not having long span of subsistence, stressing that parents should make  proper and strong foundation for their family and good philosophy, target and lifestyle they want their family to live with.

He advised that, if the family is shaky or not what the parents expect it to be, they should not be ruthless about it, but should be tactful in amending it, by instilling in their children and wards the word of God and the right path to tread in life.

Sunday, however stated that parents should lay the right foundation for their children, but should not force their children into majoring in the specific academic career they prescribe for them, rather should allow them choose the career they know they can do well in. They only need their parents’ encouragement and support.

He drove his point home by advising that the issue of hardship and corruption should not be the yardstick for not building their homes well, since nobody cares how one makes it in Nigeria today again.

He advised that the government should try and fight corruption generally in this nation so that families will be happy and relate to each other accordingly so that the issue of divorce will not be mentioned among its citizens for peace and justice to reign.

On the other hand, the Managing Director, Chunics Logistics & Construction Limited, Mr. Chuks Otamiri, opined that in every family and in the society at large, education is the key, and it will help every family grow if they complement it by adhering to the right norms.

He used opportunity to address the issue of the economy of  Nigeria, saying that  everybody is waiting patiently while praying that the economic issue of this country will favour everyone, and that the president is seriously fighting corruption so that the country can move forward.

“To ensure that fuel scarcity is properly handled so that it will not be witnessed again in this country, it is better more modular refineries in every part of this country, because when everyone is producing, nobody will be there to queue up for petroleum”, he said.


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