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Reasonable persons believe that God has a special purpose for creating Nigeria –
even though He used the instrumentality of British Imperialism to bring her
about. What could be God’s purpose for creating Nigeria? In other words, what
can be called Nigeria’s Manifest Destiny? To attempt and-answer does not seem to
require advanced spirituality or great political insight. The fact that Nigeria is
the greatest concentration of black persons on the face of the earth is clearly
suggestive. Add to this the events of world history involving the blacks. It seems
clear that God intended Nigeria to be the big brother find rallying point for all
blacks. And God’s bounteous resource endowments on Nigeria must be to enable
her achieve that Manifest Destiny, which has to involve Nigeria developing into a
Super Power among nations, thereby raising the dignity and respect of Blacks on
earth. To wipe away the shame of slavery from the faces all of Blacks, has to be
the ultimate Manifest Destiny of Nigeria. And God endowed Nigeria with every
ingredient she needs to develop into a Super Power among nations.

The climate in Nigeria is equable – no extremes. It is even possible for a man to
stay naked outside in the open, round the year, and not die. There are no
hurricanes, no tornadoes or typhoons. We have never been affected by any
tsunamis! Our geo-physical structures are stable – no volcanoes, no earthquakes,
landslides are not known. Our endowment of material resources is super-
abundant. Any plant found anywhere, is, or can be grown somewhere, in Nigeria.
Our animal resources, including anything that breaths and moves are surplus.
All valuable minerals, known to man, are surplus in Nigeria: oil and gas, gold,
silver and diamond, gemstones of every type, limestone; iron ore, aluminum etc.
Everything. And more are yet to be discovered. As for human beings, Nigeria is

superbly gifted – many talents from many tribes! It is dear that the Almighty
God designed Nigeria for unmatched greatness!!!

What has been the result? So far, it has been colossal failure, unmitigated.

The Nigerian humans, especially the men, are working tirelessly to mess up
God’s design for our country. The main cause of the total failure of Nigeria is
monumental corruption which has saturated every: element of the social
structure. So far, Nigeria has been a total failure. Far from raising the respect
and dignity of Blacks, Nigeria has become the generator and accumulator of
shame to all Blacks. And it has now come to the stage that all Blacks are being

Suffocated with shame emanating from Nigeria. Not-even those who are not
affected by the odium of our failure are, any longer, keeping quiet. Not long ago,
a white man, Donald Trump, the Republican aspirant for the Presidency of the
United States of America, said something to the effect that:

,Africa, especially Nigeria and Kenya, should be recolonized for
another one hundred years. His reason is that we learnt nothing
from our ex-colonial masters that our pre-occupation in political
office is to cart away the wealth of our’ countries and dump same in foreign banks. Nigerians emigrate, in large numbers, as a result of the mismanagement of her economy, and in the USA, they take
away jobs meant for the citizens. He indeed, threatens to deport
Nigerians if he wins the presidential election.

He accused our political leaders of never considering the interest of the people
they lead. He clearly implies that politics in Nigeria is exclusively for self, not
for service to the people or society. Donald Trump may have been blunt,
unprotocolic, unfriendly, even totally unsophisticated. But he said the truth –
the crude truth. He called a spade, a spade.

Condemnations are now pouring in from many quarters and individuals. A
respected international organization announced that all about 50
countries of the world, which are governed by blacks, are the most
backward and very poor. An Afro-American pastor, declared, with bitterness,
that blacks are good only at feasting tables. Blacks, according to him, have
contributed nothing to societal growth, have invented nothing and developed

nothing. And a blunt Jewish Leader has this to say:

“The only thing blacks understand is consumption; Blacks don’t
understand the importance of creating and building wealth …
Their leaders steal from their people and send the money back to

their colonial masters … Every successful black wants to spend his
money in the country of their colonial masters, they go on holiday abroad, buy houses abroad, school abroad, go for medical treatment abroad etc. instead of spending this money in their own
country to benefit their people.” In comparison with the Jews, he
said “this is why Jews are at the top and blacks are at the bottom
of every ladder in Society”.

All Backs should be sorry for the colossal failure of black political leadership.
But the greatest failure and therefore, the greatest shame should be my

Country’s – Nigeria’s – the supposed big brother and rallying point for Blacks,
whose Manifest Destiny is to raise the dignity and respect of black and African

But- it is important to remind the reader of this note, that contrary to some
statements which seen to demean Blacks, the black man was, indeed, the creator
‘and developer of the basics of all knowledge: science and technology,
mathematics, religion, including the idea of one God. In the ancient of days, the
wise saying was that, out of Africa, always comes something new and good. It is
true that when the white men (then called, the “blue eyed barbarians”) took

. hold of black knowledge from, especially, Alexandria, where most of the books
and manuscripts were dumped after the conquest of Mica, they put it to use to
fight their hostile environment, and, over time, they, arrived at a process of
continuous improvement. After much improvement, tile whites looked back at
the blacks in Africa, who remained, mostly, in their state of nature, enjoying God-
given favorable ecological balance. Noting the wide :gap, in living standards,
between themselves and us, they started to wonder whether we, the Blacks,
were humans like themselves, or were, somehow sub-human, like, half-born
apes. They debated our suitability to be bought and sold as chattels. That was
the foundation for the slave trade. The truth is that the black man has not always
been the foot mat of the entire world. They were once the topmost,

Yes, we Nigerians have failed in our Manifest’ Destiny, and have no basis for
continued existence, except as a totally changed country!. We must become the
opposite of what we are now. Extra-ordinarily system-saturating monumental
corruption brought us to this colossal failure. That corruption must be
exterminated, totally, from our land. There must now be zero tolerance of
corruption in Nigeria. No half measures can do it! Zero tolerance must be zero
tolerance. And it is achievable in Nigeria. We must achieve success in re-making
Nigeria! Because the Almighty God, who gave us this mission and gave us the
where withal to achieve it, does not change. Man can try and appear to succeed
for a time. But man cannot permanently mess up God’s design. It is the will of
God, not that of man, that will dominate. Now is the time, to deal finally with all
who try to mess up God’s design (for Nigeria as a nation of unsurpassed
greatness. It must be Operation Total ‘Clean Up. Away with all corrupt
institutions! Away with all existing political organizations and parties! Away
with all agents of corruption. Away with untruths, deceit and lies! No more
sacred cows! No more untouchables! To keep Nigeria clean to achieve her Manifest destiny, is a task we must commit to. Members of the, yet to be formed,
new political parties (preferable two to begin with) both the new members who
were not in politics before, and the truly reformed old politicians, must swear to
new political principles or oath, including the oath of service to the people, as
the reason for participation in politics. Every adult Nigerian must swear to the
oath not to sabotage Nigeria (and corruption shall be defined clearly as act of
sabotage). Working with the will of God, man can clean up man’s mess. In the
new dispensation, Nigerian women must come out to play a major, if not the
dominant, role. For it is true that (as I stated in Remaking Nigeria With
in 1987), as a rule, and on the average, women are less corrupt
than men”. Not many women feature in the long lists of those who have stolen
Nigeria dry. Indeed, no woman features in the lists that I have seen, even though
those lists were from a period earlier than 1999, when only a few Nigerian
women were in politics. To this greater integrity of the women folk, must be
added the fact that, the milk of human kindness, flows more in women than in
men. They should therefore care more for the welfare of the people.

The path to New Nigeria must be very tough and rugged: it includes remaking
the polity, remaking the private sector and social, groups, remaking the church,
the mosque, the school and education system, the clubs and associations,
remaking the judiciary, the police the army, the town unions and traditional
organisation, trade unions, the market associations, the age group system, the
old boys associations, old girls etc. Sure, to Remake Nigeria must be a daunting
task. But there is no way to run away from it. It is time to confront what
confronts us. For knowledge, experience, competence and intellect, we shall
draw from the bounties in every part of Nigeria. For funds, we may approach
able Nigerians, including the repentant erstwhile looters of the country. To
Remake Nigeria, we must!! God helping us, as we work on His purpose for

Okwadike, Nze, Chukwuemeka Ezeife PhD (Harvard) Dr.(PubAdmin)(UniZik),
FFPO, Garkuwan Fika, Akintohigboye of Egbaland, CON.


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