Traditional Rulers are Neglected – Arewa Deputy Chair

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The Deputy Chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF),Alh. Musa Liman Kwande(Baraden Lafiya Bareberi) has pointed out the neglect of traditional rulers by subsequent regimes and called on the present administration to do something about giving them prominent position in the scheme of things. He noted that the roles of traditional rulers were stopped after the 1966 coup. He added that parliamentary system is the best for the country because it had provision for traditional rulers.

Speaking further he said that powers of traditional rulers have been taken by chairmen and their councilors, and that traditional rulers are redundant and do not have any authority over their subjects.

Alh. Kwande said that sources of income to traditional rulers were closed when the government of People Redemption Party (PRP) abolished all taxes by the traditional rulers, like the Ladi Shanu. He pointed out that PRP was supposed to abolish only Community. He said the abolition made the traditional rulers redundant because there were no other levies to be collected by traditional rulers. And for this reason, some traditional rulers are at the mercy of state governors who they run to for fund. He added that traditional rulers are now left as peace makers. “They are only needed when there is problem”, he noted.

The Baraden Lafiya Bareberi complains that the situation where by the appointment of traditional rulers and district heads are in the hands of state governors is not helping matters. He revealed that that is why traditional rulers dance to the tunes of these governors. “The fact that the governors can influence the appointment of traditional rulers makes them to be loyal to them. If I know that you can fire me, why must I not be loyal to you so that I will not lose my position? He queried.

He therefore asked the government to redefine the role of traditional rulers so that sanity will return at the grassroots. He added that government should find a suitable and befitting role traditional rulers and to be enshrined in the constitution.


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