Chief Eke supports the fight against corruption

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Chief Sam Eke PhD, the National Chairman Citizens Popular Party, former gubernatorial candidate in Abia State and an accountant by profession has said that the probe going on in the country is in order whether it is one sided or not. “The probe going on a country is in order, even if it is targeted at one party. That will serve as deterrent for others who are serving the country as they will be cautious of the things they do. The issue is, those who are being probed now, are they innocent? If they are not, there is nothing wrong with the probe”, he said.

On the slow take off of APC government he said it was as a result of lack of funds for them to execute projects. “The initial capital outlay which they had expected to hit the ground running was not there. What made the treasury empty was the win at all cost syndromes. The government in power then emptied the treasury during campaign and the APC could not see fund to take off. And in order to exhibit what he tamed muscle politics, he decided not to implement the project of the past regime, as they were not in tandem with the APC manifesto”, he observed.

He sees the reduction fuel pump price as insignificant but added that it is better than none. He said that what Nigerians are looking forward to deregulation of the oil sector which he believes will create jobs and develop other sectors of the economy.” If you don’t deregulate the oil section you are postponing the evil’s day and at the same time denying other sectors the opportunity to develop. The nation needs to diversify and have multiple streams of income just as human beings do”, he posited.

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