Ogwashi Uku Development Association celebrates end of the year in Abuja

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Linus Aleke:

Disturbed about the gradual passing away of African rich cultural heritage at the global stage particularly Nigerian civilization, following the overindulgence of youths to western media and films, the President of Ogwashi uku Development Association Abuja branch, Chief Chukwuwike Edozie had decried the effect of western media on African culture.

Edozie who drew attention to the above issue at the end of the year get together/ launch of almanac of the socio-cultural organization also appealed to government to initiate policies and programme that is aimed at rejuvenating and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian people.

He explained that the decision of the organization to organize such cultural end of the year extravaganza is to expose the younger generation of Ogwashi uku extraction to the well-off cultural heritage of the people to prevent the tradition from going extinction.

According to him, “The younger generation had no other opportunity to experience first hand the rich cultural heritage of our people if not for this kind of occasion. As you can see, the different cultural dance and masquerades here are showcasing some of the ancient dresses and dance steps that are unique to our fore fathers which though are no longer in vogue due to the inability of the succeeding generations to embrace it and pass it down owing to western influence.

“We use to have a segmented celebration in the past because we have five branches in FCT. But this year, we decided to bring the entire branches together in one place to celebrate the end of the year with the view to thank God for blessing and preserving our lives from the beginning of the year to its ending. We also use the platform to teach our children what they do not know about their culture. We also invite other Igbo community in FCT to join us in the celebration as a mark of brotherliness.”

On his part, the Secretary General of the cultural organization, Mr. Ashinze Onero attributed the dwindling culture of Africans to western influence and inferiority complex on the part of Africans.

He however blamed parents for the circumstance, arguing that a situation where parents bring up their kids in urban centers across the globe and at same time make them look down on their culture and language is not helping matters.

Onero contended that if care is not taken, most languages in Nigeria will go extinct


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