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By Chuks NZEH:
The New Nyanya motors, have petitioned the leadership of Nassarawa Urban Development Board, NUDB, to the Inspector General of Police,  over the invasion of his business  premises  located around the Sharp corner area of  Mararaba along the Abuja / Keffi, express way Nassarawa State.
In a letter dated 15th October 2015, titled “Re invasion, destruction of a business place, by Nassarawa Urban Development Board at the instance of one Alhaji Hassan Garba in Connivance with DPO of Area B, Abacha Road Police Station, and Unlawful restraint from doing lawful business. Where he stated thus ”  That before our client, New Nyanya Motors, commenced business in the said  premises  he sought and obtained the requisite approval from the appropriate authority as a law abiding  citizen”
The letter signed by Ndubuisi Kalu Esq added “That sometime in 2009, our client had issues with Alhaji Hassan Garba who is his Landlord and on the 29th day of January, 2009 our client instituted an action in court against him. That on the 16th of June 2010, the honorable court after considering the meritorious application of our client made an interlocutory order restraining the said Alhaji Hassan Garba, his privies and agents and one other from doing anything inimical to the occupation of the said premises by our client. That the order mentioned above is still subsisting as same has not been vacated. “
He further noted that, “While the said order is still in force , AlhajiHassan Garba bribed his way in NUDB, through one Mr. Sanni who is the head of enforcement unit and notorious in taking bribe to demolish structures of perceived enemies of his patronizers.”
“That the said Alhajki Hassan Garba, also tipped the DPO of Area B Mararaba, to provide the needed security while NUDB staff were defacing the topography of our client’s business place with two bulldozers.”
“That while our staff were struggling to remove their buses from the premises, the police officers dehumanized them and inflicted life threatening injuries on them.”
That on arrival of the NUDB staff they went straight to the booking stand of our client and carted away with a bag containing over N300, 000:00 and same is yet to be accounted for by the NUDB staff”
“That since the unlawful destruction of our client’s business premises, our client no longer carries on his lawful business in the said premises. He called on the IGP to come to the rescue of his client and ensure that the culprits are brought to book.

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