Chief (Mrs.) Uju Ozoka Celebrates daughter’s wedding

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Chief Dame Barrister Uju Uchendu Ozoka has celebrated a wedding of the decade for her one and only biological daughter, Dr. Nneka Adauju Crystal Ozoka who got married to Dr. Nnadozie Ndubuisi Igbokwe. Dame Ozoka has celebrated some weddings of her other children, but the recent one is the peak of them all. It will interest you to know that Chief Uju Ozoka has three biological children ( two boy and a girl) and over twenty adopted children all living under one roof and surname – OZOKA.

Dame Barr. Uju Ozoka is one of the unsung philanthropists in our midst who gives hope to the hopeless. She has been giving succor to those who never hope that they will dine with the kings. Her home is ever lively due to human presence. All her children both biological and adopted are given the best in terms of education and other things of life.

Dr. Nneka Adauju Crystal is the youngest of her biological children. She is intelligent and obeyed her parents wish to have a medical doctor in the house. All her schooling, from kindergarten to the university were in the best private schools in town. She fell in love to Dr. Nnadozie Igbokwe, an Nnewi person like herself.

Chief Uju Ozoka in her characteristic manner celebrated the event to the fullest by inviting who is who in town and proving choice entertainment – food, accommodation souvenir name it, to her numerous friends and well-wishers.

What she did not leave out is her usual shedding of tears. She reacts so easily to extreme emotions: joy and sadness. On the other hand, she brightened the occasion with her infectious constant smiles throughout the occasion.

Every stakeholder was carried along; siblings, in-laws, friends, hangers-on, admirers, mere acquaintances, even the street people were provided for at the memorable wedding.

The religious Barr Uju Ozoka thanked God for making the event successful and prayed to God to bless the union abundantly.


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