Buhari’s visit to the US is a good omen – Sen. Jim Nwobodo


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Senator Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, the former Governor of old Anambra State, a former Minister and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has said that the acceptance of President Mohammadu Buhari by the president of the United States of America, Barak Obama will change the perception of other countries about Nigeria. “Obama’s description of President Buhari as a man of integrity, focus and good intention should make Nigerians and indeed every African proud. It raised the credibility of Nigeria and we should leverage on this goodwill to support the president to rebuild and create a new Nigeria”, he said.

On how the new relationship with America will help to arrest the security situation in the country, Sen. Nwobodo said it will bring a fast end to the activities of Boko Haram insurgents. “The important thing is America’s decision and promise that they will help Nigeria to handle the issue of Boko Haram”, he said. He observed that before the election of President Buhari that no country had made such concrete promise to help Nigeria fight Boko Haram.

The ever smiling Second Republic Governor posited that the acceptance of Nigeria by the United States of America will bring other countries to embrace Nigeria. He added another of President Obama’s comment on Nigeria, ‘Nigeria is an important country in the world’. This according to him is evidence that chance has come to the country, and that Nigeria has got a President who has integrity.

Comparing his era as governor and what is obtainable now, Sen. Nwobodo posited that most of these new crops of governors do not go to the people to plead with them for vote, but they rather go to INEC, the police and other security agents to ask for vote. He observed that these new governor are not close to the people. “When I was a governor, I went to the people and pleaded with them to vote for me, but these present crop of governors went to INEC, police and other security agents to look for votes. There is no commitment; there is no closeness between them and the people, only a few”, he revealed.

He advised that it is important for elected politicians to look for people that elected them when they assume office. He also frowned at the attitude of some governors who refuse to pay workers for months. “I cannot imagine myself live, eat without paying civil servants for one month, two months, three months; what kind of governor am I? Terrible! It is not worth discussing at all”, he concluded on a sad note.


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