Enemies after the reputation of DMO DG


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It is no longer news that some unpatriotic elements in the Nigeria economy whose activities are under the supervision of the Debt Management Office (DMO), whose Director General is Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, have been attacking the DG from all fronts through informal and formal media. His sin according to our investigation is his ability to curtail impunity and enthronement of due process in handling of activities of the organizations and stakeholders that relate with DMO.

Since he assumed the position of DG of the DMO in 2007, the organization has been able to bring inestimable value to the nation through prudent handling of the country’s debts and other functions the DMO performs, courtesy the ingenuity of the first class brain from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It will interest you to know that Abraham Nwankwo PhD was the first Ph.D. graduate in Economics produced by the University of Nigeria in 1985, 25 years after the institution was established in 1960. It is clear that his headship at the organization is not a misplaced priority.

On further investigation, we discovered that some unpatriotic elements who are out to ground the economy through dubious and shady deals that the DMO DG has been exposing and supervising in the interest of the nation want the DG to leave the office so that they will continue to milk the country dry. These elements go as far as buying the conscience of rank and file in the organization to see if they can get any incriminating evidence in order to write petitions against one of the genius of our time.

We can confidently say that the worst enemies of the DG are some members of staff of DMO, who are looking for ways to make easy money from dubious outsiders whose illegal deals have been put to a halt since the measures put in place by the economics guru began to expose and deal with their nefarious activities. These elements are not mindful of the fact that the DG is creating a legacy for staff of the DMO who will inherit his reformations.


  1. I agree completely with this write up. Dr. Nwankwo is indeed an asset to the country especially with his enviable accomplishments in debt management and sterling contributions to the overall economy. His capacity, deft skills and courageous determination have helped to make Nigeria a global model for efficient debt management. These conspiracies, lies and attempts to diminish his indelible contributions to the reform process in the nation’s financial system will definitely fail.

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