Legislature should define women involvement in politics – Hon. Nkiruka Onyejeocha

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The Honorable member representing Isuikwuato/Umu-Nneochi – Abia State Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Nkiruka Onyejeocha, has x-rayed women participation in politics vis-à-vis current number of women in the National Assembly (NASS). The third time returnee to the House went memory lane to inform newsmen (in her office) about her experience in the past eight years.

“A lot of experience, it depends on where you want me to start from”, she started. “I have sponsored several bills, some of which have gone to the senate for concurrence”, she said. One of her notable bills in “Bill For an Act Penalizing the Commission of Acts of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishments, Prescribing Penalties Thereof and for Other Purposes”. The bill is being remembered in many circles by its length.

She continued on a personal note by explaining some of those dividends of democracy she brought to her people. “I became closer to my constituency in the last eight years. I organized free medical treatment up to minor surgery for my people. I built classroom blocks and awarded scholarship to intelligent indigent students, among other life touching assistance I have extended to my people”, she said.

On the level of women participation in politics, Hon. Onyejeocha said she is not impressed and attributed it to tradition and custom. “I am not satisfied with the level of women participation in politics. African custom has relegated the woman to the background. Women came from a disadvantaged position and I am one of the few privileged ones”, she submitted. She opined that the only way women can be encouraged to make impact in politics is through legislature. “The only way to get women have more participation in politics is through legislature. If you talk from now till thy kingdom come, the men have their mind set. As for me the only thing that can make women have good representation is number one, legislation; number two, legislation; number three, legislation”, she submitted.

The one time House Committee Chairman on Aviation is not happy over one month of inactivity in the NASS. She blamed such delay on party leadership through trying to impose leaders on members of the two chambers. “Party people should imbibe the virtue of fairness. The constitution has stipulated that members shall elect among themselves Speaker; Deputy Speaker; President and Deputy President in case of the senate. The constitution does not say that party should nominate or that it must be so and so person. Party must therefore follow the constitution in drafting the rules that must guide them” she explained.


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