J4A partners Garki police on Model Police Station (MPS) project

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Justice for All (J4A) is a United Kingdom, Department for International Development (DFID) funded program meant for assisting the Government of Nigeria to reform the justice sector. The major aim of the story is: “Improved personal security and access to justice for all Nigerians” through setting up Model Police Station (MPS).

An MPS is station where Policing Service are strengthened in new or adapted ways using an integrated model of Community Policing and Crime Prevention.

The aim of the program is to meet international standards of good practice as being implemented now by the NPF in Garki Divison will be carried out through various measures.


The DPO of the station, CSP Joseph Mamman, has created nine leadership principles through which the program will be implemented.

  1. Oppose corrupt practices within my Division.
  2. Treat arrested persons fairly and in accordance with their Human Rights.
  3. Be proactive in reducing incidents of crime and disorder in my station.
  4. Support Community Policing and Partnerships to maximize public involvement in the fight against crime.
  5. Maximize the potential of my staff by training, development, delegation and monitoring.
  6. Communicate with the public and my staff on a regular basis and with honest intent to maximize commitment.
  7. Ensure my staff take special care when dealing with complaints of abuse, domestic and sexual violence especially from vulnerable members of society.
  8. Positive address complaints made by the public about the conduct of my Police Officers.
  9. Ensure a clean environment, improving facilities as finance becomes available.

Speaking at the occasion, the DPO said the community should feel free and be part of the new trend in policing as supported by J4A.

The consultant to J4A project, Sean McCormick, said his organization will work hard to see that aim of MPS is achieve throughout Nigeria as soon as possible.

Kofo James of Community Security Partnership is of the opinion that the program will go a long way in bridging the gap between the police and the members of the community as regards trust.

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