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This is the title of the press release issued by Kibaku (Chibok) Area Development Association (KADA) at the one year commemoration of the abduction of #Chibokgirls at the Unity Fountain Abuja, on 14th April, 2015. The full text is as follows:

“Today is one year since our daughters were abducted from Government Girls Secondary School Chibok on 14th April 2014 under the cover of darkness.

Filled with grief and yet having expectant heart that our girls will be back, the Chibok Community in Abuja and environs are here at the Unity Fountain to commemorate the sad event that took place on that fateful day and to tell the world that the remaining 219 girls are still in captivity.

After the abduction, Chibok area was attacked six times with resultant high casualties, including eleven of the parents and guardians of the abducted girls. The people of Chibok are today haunted, displaced, traumatized and living in agony as refugees and/or internally displaced persons all over Nigeria and beyond. There is also looming famine in the Chibok (Kibaku) Community and environs as a result of the terrorism which has virtually crippled farming activities. Wanton destruction of food stuff, granaries and livestock were perpetrated by the insurgence. There was also poisoning and/or destruction of water wells, the primary source of water for the community.

Despite the gloomy picture of what is happening in the community, we are still hopeful that our girls will come back alive. We are hoping that Mr. President will keep his word by bringing the girls alive before living office on 29th May 2015. Even if he fails to achieve it, we are hopeful that the President-elect will Bring Back Our Girls Alive.

In the abduction saga, it is true that the girls are the victims, the parents and guardians are suffering the agony, trauma and pains, but the embarrassment is that of the government and the people of Nigeria, while the Military suffered humiliation. We urged all to come together and find lasting solution to this saga so as to save our face as a country.

We will like to use this opportunity to express our appreciation to all government, the press, NGOs and well-meaning individuals around the world who stood and continue to stand by us through this traumatic incident and urge all to persevere to the end. We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

We want to especially recognize and thank the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement for their tenacity and consistency in advocating for the Chibok girls. The movement has become the voice of the voiceless Chibok girls all over the world and in particular Nigeria; where they have through the daily sit outs become the symbol of the struggle for the safe return of the girls in the last one year. God Bless BBOG!

Finally, Chibok Community is also greatly indebted to the Leadership Newspapers, Channels Television, and Daily Trust Newspapers, just to mention few for helping to keep the plight of the Chibok girls at the front burner over the past one year.

Thank you and God bless you all”.

The release was read by the National Secretary of KADA, Engr. Battah Y. Ndirpaya and cosigned by the National Chairman of KADA, Tsambido Hosea Abana and the National Publicity Secretary of KADA, Dr. Manasseh Allen.

The leadership of Chibok community left the Unity Fountain and the press release to keep a date with the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in her office by 2pm. The Minister was unavoidably absent and mandated the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry to listen to Chibok people.

At the meeting, the leaders of Chibok community spoke with one voice maintaining that they welcomed all that had been done towards safe school initiative, but said that they had expected the government to have done more in bring back the abducted girls.

The Director of National Orientation Agency, Dr. Mike Omeri promised the leaders of Chibok people that the Federal government would make a concrete statement on the issue on the 15th April, 2015.


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