I can marry an illiterate – Chioma

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“Any lady who depends on a man for survival is lazy”, says an Abuja based big babe, Miss Chioma Orafu. She made the statement during a chat with our editor. Chioma is a business owner at Garki International Market where she deals in men’s wears (shirts, trousers, undies etc.). He believes that any lady that wants a man to provide all her needs is lazy and myopic. She says such ladies should look for something and engage themselves in because she wondered what will be the fate of the lady in a sudden absence of the man. And she maintains that cannot stop working even if she marries a millionaire.

Chioma noted that life in Abuja is sweet and attractive but expensive in the areas of accommodation and transportation. Chioma who cruises around town in a beautiful car and lives in a highbrow environment in the city says night life in Abuja is enjoyable, but at some costs.

On settling down one day, she says she can marry an illiterate. “I can marry somebody who is not educated, after all some that are educated behave like illiterates”, she added.

All things being equal Chioma says she will like to have three issues when she gets married (two boys and a girl). Currently she is busy with her business which involves traveling abroad to brig goods for her shop which she replenishes often.

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