SPDC connived with Horace Jumbo to still Bonny Land


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Wari Alabo, Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo, JP a high Chief and the Chairman of Jumbo Major House Caretaker Committee, the largest and the most populous House in Grand Bonny Kingdom of Rivers State, Nigeria (who Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo connived with SHELL to steal their land) affirmed that the Jumbo Major House is one of the two Landlords to Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Limited, the Nigeria Liquefied Gas (NLNG) project, Mobil, Chevron and Texaco Plants.
As the current leader of the Jumbo Major House in Rivers State of Nigeria, the Prof. A veteran Niger Delta Development, a protagonist and Geo-Environmental consultant is at the forefront of the struggle to get SHELL BP pay for the use of the forfeited Bonny Oil Terminal land applying “fair and commercial rates”, as enjoined by Nigeria’s Supreme Court, which out-rightly dismissed SPDC’s appeal against the lower court’s forfeiture order. He said that out for Nigeria’s higher economic interest Shell Petroleum is to either quit the Bonny Oil Terminal land or get back to the negotiation table with the landlords. SPDC earlier tried to steal, via a fraudulent Certificate of Occupancy, which tried to supplant the lien of the landlords but was upturned, via a court forfeiture judgment.
He made the intention of the people known to newsmen in Abuja. He started thus; “I challenge SHELL to point in Bonny Kingdom, how many community development assistance projects they had rendered to the Jumbo communities during the past fifty something or more years, since the Jumbos became landlords to them.
“The most annoying and challenging part of it is that SHELL in spite of the enslaving rate of two pounds ten shillings per acre, they got our fathers to sign the oil Terminal rent for, agreement in 1958, SPDC got over 1,354 acres of land for the terminal use and is owing us for over 21 years.
“SHELL went behind to steal our land from former Military Governor, Group Capt. Sam Ewang of Rivers State. SPDC surprisingly compromised a former gullible Head Chief of Jumbo Major House, Mr. Horace Herbert Ferdinand Oko Jumbo, to fake a kangaroo settlement with them. Over 90% of the Jumbos maintained that Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo bartered the birth right of Jumbos born and yet unborn. That there was no time Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo was given the mandate/consent of the other Chiefs and Elders of Jumbo Major House, who had a joint hereditary lien over Jumbo lands in Bonny with the Head Chief, by virtue of the Jumbo Major House Constitution and Regulations 1971, through which Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo got judgment to become Jumbo Major House Head Chief.
Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo added that the Bonny Chiefs Council suspended Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo indefinitely from the Council, for various acts of treachery and un-chiefly demeanor against the Bonny Kingdom.
Wari Alabo, Kalada M. Jene, the Secretary of Jumbo Major House Caretaker Committee confirmed that the Jumbo masses in a General Meeting held at Ayambo, Bonny. The ancestral headquarters of the Jumbos on September 6, 2014 summarily dethroned Mr. Horace F.H. Oko Jumbo by a vote of 1650 to 5, for serial breach of Jumbo Major House Constitution, looting of the House treasure, illegal allocation sales of precious Jumbo lands as well as autocratic disrespect for the Jumbo chief makers and masses.
Wari Alabo Adolphus William Jumbo Chairman of the Jumbo Major House Elders Council quipped that the Supreme Court of Nigeria sitting in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory in April 2014, directed Shell and the parties on record questing for the soul, tenancy and rents of the Bonny Oil Terminal which is Africa’s highest oil terminal where about one-third of Nigeria’s oil is stored, to settle the forfeiture judgment of the Lower Court and rents, using unfair and commercial rates”. Besides that, Shell retained the professional estate valuation firm of Ofoma Associates, which placed the value of the said Bonny Oil Terminal at N1,300,000 (about USD 8,000) per acre, per annum and on the insistence of shell, pegged it down to N730,000 (about 4,000 USD) per acre/per annum. The Bonny Chiefs Council (consenters to the 1958 Agreement, for and on behalf of that Council and the landlords), retained yet another firm of estate valuers which placed the value at N2,700,000 (or about 15,000 USD) per acre, per annum the least fair commercial value of the terminal land.
Wari Alabo Adolphus William Jumbo further added that from the above SPDC valuation, the least rent the Jumbos expected for the 21 years that Shell defaulted in rent payment was 30% of N20,758,920,000 (about USD 1,166,231.46). According to him, for Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo to ignore the fact that the Bonny Chiefs Council also placed the value of the terminal land at 2,700,000 x 1354 x 21= 76,771,800,000 Nigerian Naira and collect a meagerly sum of N1.2 billion instead of 30% of the benchmark between 20.8 billion and 76.8 billion Nigerian Naira, shows how compromised, gullible and unpatriotic Mr. Horace Oko Jumbo is under Police investigation but SPDC is doing everything to protect him against Police investigation and possible persecution.



  1. Mr jasper Francis Mba Aka prof.jasper jumbo is a man based on illegality and the Jumbo major has nothing do with him.
    Only disgruntled elements associates with a prof that has no house in Bonny kingdom.
    Ask him where he got his first degree before being a prof.
    Secondly let it be known Se-alabo Horace Ferdinand Herbert Oko Jumbo Oko Jumbo V. is the Undisputed head of jumbo group of houses and has fought all forms of agents who have tried to set our great house backward.
    Let it be known SPDC paid rent due to its landlords not just Jumbo Major.

  2. Where are these disgruntled elements you paraded on your photos.
    Our ancestor are working

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