NERC will force DISCOs to sack corrupt staff – Dr. Amadi

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The Chairman/CEO of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr. Sam Amadi has stated that his organization will force Distribution Companies (DISCOs) in the Nigerian Power Sector to sack corrupt officers in their organization who short- change electricity consumers of their hard earned money. He said there have been instances where employees of these companies charge electricity consumers far about the stipulated amount by NERC in their regulation.
Answering questions from newsmen at a “Public Policy Conference 2014”, organised by Preston Consult Ltd., Dr. Amadi said that in a situation whereby there is a clear evidence of underhand dealing with customers by workers of DISCOs, his organization NERC, will not sue the staff but the distribution company that engages such dubious employees under vicarious liability. He gave an example of such incidence in the Ikeja area of Lagos where a Distribution Company was taken to court because of established cheating of consumers by her staff.
That there are still some corrupt officials in the power sector, especially the distribution unit, is not in doubt, the issue remains how to give value for money to the consuming public. This can be done according to Dr. Amadi by forcing the DISCOs to pay for unrealized funds which their employees connive with some unscrupulous consumers to defraud the regulatory body and other stakeholders.
The conference which was organised by Preston Consult Ltd. with the theme, “Developing Africa Through Innovative Infrastructure Financing” was meant to find ways of financing infrastructure in the energy sector thereby bringing energy to Nigerians as and when needed. The CEO of Preston Consult Dr.Tochukwu Nwachukwu said that the outcome of the conference will lead to increased provision of services in the power sector, and by extension to other sectors of the economy.

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