ICT is key to modernity – Abdullahi

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Information and communication technology (ICT) is significantly necessary for sustainable development in developing countries like Nigeria. The Director ICT at Centre for Management Development (CMD) Salisu Abdullahi, pointed out the import of ICT in the Nigeria at the 15th Convocation and award giving ceremony of African Business School. “ICT is the driving force in modern learning and Nigeria cannot afford to be left in dynamic world of technology”, he said.

It is a well-established fact that telecommunications infrastructure and services, in the age of information and transnational communication, are cornerstones of a healthy, growing economy. ICT is the backbone of business activity, productivity, trade and social development. For a developing country like Nigeria and other West African countries, effective implementation of ICT policies is a precondition to the emergence of a strong market economy. The growth of industries and enhancement of social activities is dependent not only on adequate skilled labour but also effective implementation of ICT policies.

Research findings have apparently revealed the correlation between ICT policy implementation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). ICT as an input and as a catalyst has contributed positively to socio-economic development of Nigeria and West African countries. Extension of ICT services to rural areas has generated economic and social benefits which include social change, connectivity, decentralization and accessibility.

The Director of ICT therefore advised institutions of learning to embrace ICT in its entirety. He commended ABC for being fully ICT compliant in their operations.

The economic benefit of ICT is enormous. ICT is making the world a smaller place and creating new information highways of high speed electronic data exchange. The economic value of ICT are far-reaching; mobile telephones, satellite television and automatic teller machines are just a few examples of the way in which ICT is changing how people communicate, become informed or do business.

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