Primitive Politicians

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The events that led to the unanimous endorsement of Distinguished Senator Philip T. Aduda to be the senatorial flag bearer of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Abuja at the forthcoming election has shown that some people from his part of the nation do not appreciate selfless services. No wonder the Great Master said that a prophet is without honor in his own country. The Great Master made this assertion when people from far and wide were applauding him and seeking to hear his words of wisdom, yet His own people who should have been at the forefront of singing his praises went on to scornfully say, is he not one of us and…

There is no gain saying that Senator Aduda is one of the brightest politicians the FCT has produced since the history of the territory. His bred are very rare; only Hon. Jacob Ayuba Ngbakor and just one other politician can compare to this political power house. No, this comparison is not done out of visibility because he is the incumbent, but out of achievement and track record.

The people of FCT have always cried aloud that strangers have been ruling them in their own backyard as if they lack what it takes to be part of governance of their people. At a time they formed a common front to fight imposition of strangers as their representatives at the federal level by any political party. Story has it that they told every indigene of FCT not to support any stranger who wants to represent them at the federal level. This is to encourage aspiring indigenes to go into politics. At the same time to help reduce the primitive tendencies that made strangers to see them as third class citizens in their land.

The resolve to ensure that indigenes are groomed to lead people of FCT at the houses does not make them not stop being good landlords to their teeming tenants. Rather they are encouraging their tenants to learn their simplicity and stop taking it as stupidity, as some people often try to take undue advantage of some villagers. Across the length and breadth of FCT; from Abaji to Nyanya, you will still see those who prefer strangers as their leaders instead of their kids and kin.

The issue is the abuse of privilege by the very people who are presented with a rare gem, yet they want the representation of their people to fall into a wrong hand. It is no longer news that Senator Philip T. Aduda was molested by the very people he has been fighting for since his sojourn in the national assembly; from the house to senate, unbroken. The so called strangers that the people of FCT do not want to represent them were those who felt disgusted at the insult meted on a Distinguished Senator of federal republic of Nigeria, because he is a grassroots person. Behold, Senator Aduda behaved exceptionally by telling his entourage that his people were being manipulated by primitive politicians who are behind modernity, as far as politics is concerned.

Revelations after the incidence showed that those who participated in the dastardly act were paid by some native politicians who do not have the interest of the indigenes at heart. A good number of them sent emissaries to the senator confessing what transpired. And again the senator forgave them and told them that his distractors are still his brothers; meaning he is ready to fight for the cause of his people with anybody who has their interest at heart.

Come to think of it. The very people who were incited to openly abuse the senator on their own went to tell the PDP that as far as they are concerned, Senator Philip Aduda should represent them in the forthcoming election. They said that among those who want to take his position, none has impacted on the lives of the people like the senator- starting from his time in the lower house and now as a senator.

What happened after all? Pronto the PDP acted according to the wish of the people as they say the voice of the people is the voice of God. Distinguished Senator Aduda has been chosen as the senatorial flag bearer of PDP because his people want him to “Carry Go”.

The level of political maturity of some politicians needs to be upgraded to avoid playing politics around personalities instead of around issues. In advanced climes, issue based politics is the norm. Politics of rancor and malice has been relegated in the dust bin of history and can best be described as primitive. The rate of change and civilization in our nation is more than enough to let those who directly or indirectly assaulted a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria to come out boldly and apologize to Nigerians. FCT is not all about indigenes and these primitive politicians should not stir the anger of strangers in matters of political representation.

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